Our mission is to design a space suit based on the actual one. Augmented reality with actual, reliable and available technology; better movement and less pain/fatigue on prolonged EVAs, better gloves with assisted movements. More of a spacesuit and less of a pressurized balloon!

This project is solving the Space Wearables: Fashion Designer to Astronauts challenge.


Our mission is to design a space suit based on the actual one. Our proposal solves a lot of problems related to everyday life of astronauts, EVAs, comfort and mobility. We've been thinking about a new conceptual and empirical interaction with near-space and terrestrial environment such to improve mobility and interaction during Eva or the everyday life on orbit. Augmented reality will also assist astronauts during maintenance and give instant help in case of an emergency - hands-free document reading, lifesigns/sensors readout and image referencing just to list some possible benefits) We're also trying to solve some issues regarding the difficult movement offered by HUT and EVA gloves which gives an astronaut's hand fatigue during prolonged activities. Our solution also gives some new ideas about phisical training in space, to achieve even better results with the modifications we made to the actual suits.

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License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

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  • Andrea D'Ambrosio
  • Alexandru Tudorache
  • Alessandro Gambino
  • Fabrizio Bernardini
  • Teresa Korotya
  • Andrea Lepri
  • Matteo Arcà
  • Riccardo Pintore
  • Edoardo  Mazzaracchio
  • Daniela Ruggeri
  • Fabrizio L'Abbate
  • riccardo corvetti
  • Alessandro Tozzi
  • Giorgio Carollo