Asteroid Prospector is an educational and entertaining game! The game is designed to be suitable for players of all ages. Playing the game will involve simple gestures on a touch screen interface. The main character called, "AstroCat", is controlled by the user. The six stage of game can be accomplished in under an hour. The primary purpose of the game is to educate the audience about the planets in our solar system and the resource value of asteroids.

This project is solving the Asteroid Prospector challenge.


The story begins when a NASA Astronomer pronounces a critical emergency situation! A 20 kilometre wide asteroid has been detected in the deep space network. The trajectory of the asteroid is prospected to intercept with Planet Earth. A collisional impact would result in devastation for all living organisms on Earth. At the present time, the asteroid is proceeding towards our solar system. To avert imminent catastrophe, the asteroid must be deflected.

NASA has assigned Chief Astronaut, AstroCat, on the momentous mission. AstroCat will travel to the frontier of our solar system to guard against the killer asteroid. Accordingly, AstroCat will embark on an odyssey from Earth to Neptune. In the meanwhile, AstroCat will acquire knowledge about the Planets in our Solar System. The educational content will be delivered by an animated character known as the Professor.

A spacecraft rocket-launched from Earth will transport AstroCat to outer space.
The original spacecraft has a simple streamlined structure to be aerodynamic and cost-effective. Nonetheless, the spacecraft is inadequate and ill-equipped to vanquish the killer asteroid. On that account, AstroCat will endeavour to upgrade the spacecraft during the expedition.

The spacecraft will voyage to Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune consecutively. The locale of each planet will denote the stage of the game. In the vicinity of each planet, there is an abundance of asteroids comprised of precious resources. AstroCat will mine the asteroids to acquire minerals for the advancement of the spacecraft. Once AstroCat has collected an adequate amount of minerals, the spacecraft will be automatically upgraded. In concord, the player will proceed to the next level of the game. In progressive stages, the spacecraft will exhibit additional equipment and features.

In essence, an asteroid will dissociate into constituent elements upon the player’s touch. Computer graphics will depict the Oxygen and Minerals suspended in Space. The player will point to collect the elements before they drift away. For AstroCat to stay alive, oxygen reserves must be recurrently replenished by mining asteroids at a satisfactory rate. In the event that the oxygen supply is exhausted, the player will restart the level of the game.

Ultimately, the spacecraft will be well equipped to mine the killer asteroid. AstroCat intends on procuring the mineral resources to benefit humanity on Planet Earth. A hero’s welcome is planned for AstroCat upon returning to Earth.

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License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPL-2.0)

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  • Chris Briggs
  • matthew kingston
  • Stratos Patsikatheodorou
  • Hanmuk Oh
  • Alexandra Tran