Let's travel in space with our natural oxygen ! People always had a dream : travel in space with its self oxygen to be able to breathe outdoor without any tools ! With S.O.OG, it's now possible.

This project is solving the Growing Food for a Martian Table challenge.


System of embedded space modul, in order to have an illimited production of natural oxygen. This unit comprises a green army of plants, selected on earth according to their power to generate oxygen and their ability to do photosynthesis. CO2 is rejected by space crew and absorbed by the plants inside the green unit, which produce natural oxygen ! The capsule has an incorporates system to feed plants about water, using steams. This modul is also totally ecological !

Project Information

License: Adaptive Public License (APL-1.0)

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Projet 'TERRES -


  • Sika Nabiliou
  • Ampa Kekeli Kofi AGBALI
  • Kokou BAYITA
  • SOMANA Komlan
  • ouro-akondo esso-gnina