The Curious Bot is a self propelled rover. It has infrared sensors and can detect obstacles and navigate around them. The Bot gathers data on humidity, temperature, and magnetic field. It transmits data real-time over 433 MHZ radio frequency to the ground station. The ground station can analyze the data and re-program the Curious Bot. The rover uses 3 Arduinos, 2 Motors, 5 Sensors and 2 Radio Trans-receivers. The cost is around USD 80 and has been made by kids aged 7 years and 4 years, with adult guidance.

This project is solving the ExoMars Rover is My Robot challenge.


The Universe: Our project is aimed at building low-cost rovers for exploration of rocky moons, exoplanets and asteroids to gather as much data as possible from them. The purpose is to send thousands of these Curious Bots into our solar system and beyond. The data gathered will help us learn more about the universe, get exhaustive information, and prepare for future manned missions, and ultimately colonisation. It will also provide inputs into the design of spacecrafts, spacesuits and safety standards.

On Earth: The Curious Bot can also be used on Earth to collect and record micro-level weather data. Crowd-bot sourced local weather maps can be created using these mini-rovers. Most importantly it will create and strengthen kids scientist starting from elementary school onwards.

At home: The project brings Science and Space back into family drawing rooms and conversations. Kids and adults will feel encouraged to learn about, contribute and shape the space missions. Curious Bot also demonstrates that the field of Rovers and Space Exploration can be appreciated by those who do not have a technological background but have an interest and willingness to learn.

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License: Common Public Attribution License 1.0 (CPAL-1.0)

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