Space is a world that we probably never know in full. However, NASA launched the WISE mission 2009. Advanced technology satellites recorded no less than 2.7 million images; today with the computer tools we can with the help of these images do an opensource map. Open Space Map (OSM) is an open source platform that allows a free mapping in the space


We trust that in 20-50 years, everyone with its capsule can move from planet to planet . Unfortunately , despite all efforts doing by the agencies (NASA ,ESA ..) only one third of the universe is mapped . How to complete and update this map, while making it accessible to all ? This is the same problem we have on Earth ! Fortunately with the development of it tools and platforms collaborative mapping, we solve these problems on Earth. Today we have free data on land ( for example: OpenStreetMap ) and on Sea (for example: OpenSeaMap ) , what about the universe ? Imagine 7 billion people we are today on earth ,we get 30 min for Mapping the Universe! How many days would it take, to complete ? We Believe in OpenSource and Collaborative work, why we initiated this project. Open Space Map will rely on volunteers using imagery sources like those given by WISE (Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer), to make opendata, free for use for educational purposes , or other project. You too dream to map the space? Join us on OpenSpace Map

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Léleng Denis TCHAMIE
  • Eklou Kodjo
  • Edem Alomatsi
  • AMEGAYIBO Kokou Elolo