The Modular Peripheral Platform project involves a central hub worn by an astronaut, capable of connecting to other modular wearable devices. The hub is an android phone, which can be operated via voice commands or touch screen, and communicates with the arduino-based devices. One prototype wearable device is an arduino equipped with a CMOS camera. The device is worn on the outside of the astronaut's helmet, and is capable of taking pictures, and may be used in the future as a gamma ray dose rate meter.

This project is solving the Space Wearables: Fashion Designer to Astronauts challenge.


The Modular Peripheral Platform

The Modular Peripheral Platform project provides a platform in which modular wearable devices can connect via bluetooth to a central hub. The central hub is worn on the astronauts body, and is based on an android phone. The modular wearable devices can be anything ranging from camera-equipped glasses to biometric wristbands and beyond.

Android Hub

The central hub of this platform is an android phone (or other android device) worn on the astronaut's body. The device communicates with the other modular devices worn by the astronaut via bluetooth. The hub may also potentially communicate with the "hubs" of other astronauts, or with a base station (on the ISS, for example), via wifi. The android hub is operated via voice commands, however it also has a touch-screen interface as backup.

Wearable CMOS Camera

One prototype wearable device is an Arduino UNO equipped with a CMOS camera. The camera is capable of taking pictures on voice command. The camera can also function as a gamma radiation dose rate meter. The entire system is shielded in a protective case, and worn on top of the astronaut's helmet.

Wearable Accelerometer -- Micrometeorite Detection and Warning System

Another prototype wearable device is a micrometeorite warning system. A wearable device containing an accelerometer constantly pushes it's data to the hub. When the system detects an unusually high amount of force exerted on the astronaut (indicative of a micrometeorite impact), the system automatically sends a warning on behalf of the astronaut to the base station -- the ISS or Earth.

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License: MIT license (MIT)

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  • Antonia Elsen
  • Yasutaka Kageyama
  • Sungwon Hong
  • Clayton Pence