The project aims to inform people about the presence/absence of electrical energy in a given area (a city district for example). Indeed, most African countries suffer from chronic instability of electricity. Worse, we regularly live load shedding periods marked by frequent power cuts for several hours. Through a web platform, anyone can know in real time if there is electricity or not in his area more precisely in his house, due to sensors installed and connected to the power supply.

  • Through a web platform accessible via internet, anyone can check in real time if there is electricity or not in its area or more specifically in his house. Through probes installed in these areas (at people houses) and connected to the power mains , we can know if there is electricity or not. The change of state (power on and power off) of the probe trigger sending a SMS information to the web platform for updating the status of the probe.
  • For this, a program start running on the probe when it is put in service (connected to the power mains). This program plays two roles: check the status of the power supply at a given frequency (every 5 minutes) and at each change of state, send a SMS to the platform to inform about this change of state.
  • The dialogue between the probe and the Web platform is actually two steps: first, the probe sends the SMS to an android phone which is running the SMS Gateway application which transfers the SMS message and its content via an Http request to the Web platform. As soon as the Http request reaches the Web server, this one extracts the information it needs (number of the probe and its state) and does the appropriate treatment to update the platform.
  • On the platform, a new user can register and declare one or more sensors that will be display in public or private mode. In public mode, the status of a probe can be seen by anyone looking at the platform while in private mode, only the owner can see the status of its probe.
  • In the long term, Markov processes will be implemented to calculate the probability of a power failure in a given area at a future date. Other features can also be implemented such as monitoring the break time to trigger remote start genset to keep the temperature inside the refrigerator acceptable and avoid the decomposition of food it contains, etc.
  • Right now, probes consist of old Nokia phones that support Symbian S60 user interface to run Python programs. In future, we plan to design a dedicated device that will serve as probe.

Project Information

License: BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License (BSD-3-Clause)

Source Code/Project URL: http://github.com/mhoungbo/miyon



  • Yazid AKANHO
  • Fabrice TOHIONON
  • Yazid AKANHO
  • Mathias HOUNGBO