MINA (Mining In Near Asteroids) is a board game, where players collaborate and compete in the difficult task of mining asteroids. We are making a board game because we want to reach a broader audience than the one you could reach with an app. Also we miss the time when all the family gathered around the table to play all together. We included an educational feature in which you can learn about the asteroids you are mining an the technology you are using to mine them via a QR code.

This project is solving the Asteroid Prospector challenge.


MINA stands for Mining In Near Asteroids.
We have decided to take a low tech approach to the challenge, so the game is a board game, playable with cards and tokens. As board game we can easily enter in the family environment.
You can even play this game without electricity! We think this is and advantage for future playing in spacecrafts, where energy is scarce.

The players must compete and collaborate to achieve the goals of the game. As conceived, is impossible to win without collaborating, but some trickery is needed to win, because we are also competing.

Main characteristics.
- 2 to 4 players.
- Based on cards. Three types of cards: Asteroids, Spacecrafts and Risks.
- Educational oriented. Every card has an image related to its function.
- QR codes in every card, so the players can easily access resources related to the image. - There's a tech tree that the players need to advance in order to gain new technologies.
- The game has a 40 turns fixed length, so it doesn't drift into and endless play. Also this means that the players must take some risks to win.
- The players have resources that must be managed in order to advance the game.
- The points are measured in "status". Every achievement gives a variable amount of status points. The first player to achieve 100 points wins the game. If the 40th turn is reached without any player having arrived at 100 points, then the winner is whoever has more points.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/mafrune/mina


An inspirational video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAxGcMdAE2E
Example of an asteroid card - https://github.com/mafrune/mina/blob/master/asteroids/001.png
Example of a risk card - https://github.com/mafrune/mina/blob/master/risk/minor-breakdown.png
Example of a ship card - https://github.com/mafrune/mina/blob/master/spaceship/main-ship-manned.png
Video of JESTA 2010, example of social playing - http://vimeo.com/32656567
THE RULES - https://github.com/mafrune/mina/blob/master/Mina-rules.pdf?raw=true


  • Enrique Díaz-Tendero
  • arturo sapiña
  • Iván Vicente Escrivá Aparisi
  • Carlos Peinado Molina