MapThis! is an educational game that tests the user knowledge of geography by asking them to identify satellite pictures of fomous places and locate them on the earth.

This project is solving the Where on Earth challenge.


MapThis! aims to educate people in recognizing earth pictures taken from satellite and amaze them of the earth beauty.

Hello we are a team of four members, three developers and a designer. MapThis! is a web-based game which goal is to find the right location of a city, an island, a building and place it on a map. The closer you are from the right location the more you earn points. Thanks to MapThis! you can significantly increase your knowledge in Geography.

Project Information

License: Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)

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  • Philippe Matray
  • Antonio Parasmo
  • Jérémie Melchior
  • Pierre Poliakoff
  • Philippe Matray