"Lepestok: Space Debris Cleaner" aims to clean up space debris with self sufficient, potentially autonomous satellite equipped with laser system and using only renewable energy sources.


[Investigate] the possibility of creating an autonomous satellite capable of using a system of lasers to destroy or deorbit debris fragments using only renewable (solar) sources of energy for all operations including maneuvering.

[Compose] a technical description of a project and its components that are required and available to build such a spacecraft and prove it can be done using existing technologies.


  1. POC implementation of space debris tracking software that allows tracking debris objects, identifying objects that have already been registered and new objects.

  2. Software using reliable predictive mathematical model to prove a possibility of destroyng or deorbiting debris using laser system and simulate this process.

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/mkostin/NASAChallengeDebris



  • Max Kostin
  • Dmitry Lobanov
  • Alex Semenov
  • Grigory Moroz
  • Kseniya Keksina
  • Nikita Shupletsov