A robot controlled by leap motion. using your palm location you move the robotic arm mounted on the robot, clamping your palm would clampl the robotic arm's hand. A wireless camera is also mounted and your finger tip controls that. differential drive... palm normal would control its acceleration & turns it too..

This project is solving the WebRover1 challenge.


the aim of this project was to create a robot similar to the ones which go and have fun in mars. the additional feature is that astronauts can now show off to the other astronauts by using the leap motion to play with the robot on mars.. just kidding, the leap motion makes it simpler by copying you. it creates a copy of your hand on mars. i couldn't get hold of xbee else this would've been wireless. there are many stuff i could've add if i had the time and resources but 2 days was just not enough to complete this robot like i had in mind. but these additional stuff can always be added. it uses an arduino and a couple of servos, infact many... i was thinking of using opencv with the camera to detect stuff when its in space but like i said 2 days wasn't enough :( but i tried my best :P

EDIT 1: since i won nationally (which i at all wasn't expecting), let me rephrase my above description about what the project was in a better way ;) I'm basically a 2nd semester undergraduate doing software engineering & my brother is in his 4th semester Industrial engineering UG course, he does the hardware part & i do the software part. so we've basically made a robot which replicates your movements. It has countless applications like if a space shuttle's part has been damaged and the situation tends to be injurious to our bodies, we have an option to send this robot and do as we want it to without depending on the intelligence of the machine itself. (you control the thing, not unreliable artificial intelligence ;) ). it sends live images of its location which is kinda useful. the robot can also be used for bomb diffusion (i know, it rarely happens up there). This robot can't be counted as a prototype too because it isn't polished yet, this robot is just to show the concept, it should be further upgraded to make it more cool & useful ofcourse!!

EDIT 2: finally managed to take a video of the robot... by the end of the video the robot's right wheel broke because of lack of glue applied there.. updated the code, will soon be uploading the video

EDIT 3: i'm uploading several videos, be sure to check out all of them... check all these links... https://vimeo.com/92384559 https://vimeo.com/92384635 https://vimeo.com/92384186

Project Information

License: NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 (NASA-1.3)

Source Code/Project URL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/idt3wx7zw4v02hf/LeapBot.zip



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