Take a picture of a leaf - get instant information about ozone affected. We wanted to make plants more exciting so we also deliver information about the leaf disease(if any) and the plant species. Imagine all that information in a single shot of a leaf. Now you can start recognizing different plants as you can distinguish animals. You can have a look at the ozone pollution map as well. The more you learn about plants by taking shot of them the more we learn about the ozone affect on them.

This project is solving the Leaf Me Alone challenge.


For full project description please visit our website - Leaf Zone project

Take a picture of a leaf - get instant information about ozone affected, diseases and what is the species of the plant. Discover as much plants as you can.

Ground-level ozone causes more damage to plants than all other air pollutants combined, including damage to food crops. The main purpose of Leaf Zone project is to solve the issue with the not sufficient information about the ozone levels around us. It gives the possiblitity to anyone, just using a smartphone, to measure the ozone polution on each plant and to build and contribute in a global plants database. Doing it he/she helps make the problem visisible for everybody.

Splash Screen

Leaf Zone is a hybrid mobile application that targets Android and iOS plantforms and icludes the following features:

Landing Page

  • take an instant picture of a leaf and analyze the damage of an ozone pollution using an image recognition service. It also includes the capability for identifying the plant and the possible diseases of the leaf due via neural network. Take a snap

  • keep a personal album of all of the analyzed leafs

  • access the list of all users leafs View All Leafs

  • explore various leaf details like submitter, location, ozone affection, plant name, disease name. Leaf Details

Is the shape correct

  • show an interactive map that displays different regions with an ozone level areas and the most distributed diseases

Disease Details User Details - give information about the surrounding area - ozone affection, the most distributed plants and diesaeas


  • build a leadersboard allowing all the users to compete one with each other in who will take a picture of more plants and discover more plant diseases Leaderboard

Project Information

License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/paveldk/LeafZone


Logo POC - https://github.com/paveldk/LeafZone/blob/master/artwork/logo/mock-up/logo-02.pdf
Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TSQvxYnl4U
Website - http://leafzone.keydown.org/


  • Pavel Kolev
  • Stoyan Ivanov
  • Valentin Yanakiev
  • Vladimir Zagorski
  • Svetozar Toskov