Access to landslides related information has been one of the biggest problems. Landslide Tracker platform aggregates varieties of landslides data and provides an easy access to researchers and common users. Data aggregated through landslide tracker's reporting system along with historical landslide data will aid in prediction of potential landslides. Our platform can also send potential landslide alerts to people located in susceptible area.

This project is solving the Track a Landslide challenge.


Solution: In the past, the biggest complaint from the survivors was about accessing potential landslide information and receiving warnings of such incidents. "Landslide Tracker" uncovers such information and puts it into the hand of end users. Not only they can see potential landslides maps and get warnings, but also educate themselves with historical landslides, landslide triggers, susceptibility maps and rainfall accumulation data in near real-time. We believe that educating people about such a natural disaster can make a significant difference, and certainly trigger wide spread awareness. That can certainly encourage and alert users for a landslide reporting as well. And, all this can be done through single platform - "Landslide Tracker".

Product: Landslide Tracker resolves challenges listed below, and provides users and researchers an easy to use interface to visualize landslide data. All the functions listed below were implemented during Hackathon, and can be accessed at

-Track historical landslides (Retrieve details with just one click)

-Track potential (future) landslides (Daily Updates)

-Landslide Reporting (Simplified and Detailed Versions) with image upload capability

-Landslide Alerts (Smart Phones)

-Landslide Analytics

-Real-time Rainfall Data (3 hours, 24 Hours, 72 Hours, 168 Hours Accumulation)

All the above features can be used globally.

Next Steps: Landslide Tracker wants to collect and use crowd-sourced landslide data along with other topographical data, historical landslide data, and landslide triggers to develop pattern recognition and machine learning algorithm which can aid to better prediction of landslides. Landslide Tracker is aware of crowd-sourced data validation, and thus aims to develop good filtering system to validate data. The database is intended to help identify areas most at risk for landslides, potentially saving thousands of lives through Landslide Tracker platform. We also want to utilize social media integration to spread any warning or important information.

Impact: According to AGU, there have been 83,275 deaths due to landslides between September 2002 and 2010. With an easy access to information, visualization, predictions, education and outreach, we can significantly reduce the damage world is currently facing due to landslides.

About Team: Team "Landslide Hackers" are a cross country (US and Japan) collaborative team which took on a serious global challenge “Track a Landslide”, and successfully developed and implemented "Landslide Tracker" in a period of two days. Team composition is diverse and possess varieties of skills: Web Developers, Mobile Developers, Back-end Engineers, Designers, a Researcher along with access to advisers who have strong background in "Aerospace".

Project Information

License: Academic Free License 3.0 (AFL-3.0)

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  • Yimei Luo
  • Makoto Kinoshita
  • Nathan tarpey
  • Kentarou Haneda
  • Kazumasa Okabe
  • Kamal Patel