Our project aims to solve one of the challenges set by NASA , 'Imagine Earth yesterday and today'. Having access to global satellite images we want to build an app where users can navigate anywhere on earth and look at that location at different points in time. By using different data from NASA satellites we can deploy different use cases that can help ordinary people and make their life easier.

This project is solving the Image-ine Earth Yesterday and Today challenge.


Our team aims to develop a mobile app to enable users to get a view of the changing trend of the earth interactively, by using the timeline and navigation bar. By imaging the earth yesterday and today, users could see or predict the trend of the local or global variables (e.g. climate, snow, temperature, air quality and humidity, etc.). And the trend can help them make their decision or keep them alerted. It would be very interesting if the user could also take and share pictures that describe more in detail of the location where they are or share an animation of the location over a period of time.

Who are our users? A farmer living in a remote region would love to use this app to foresee the trend of climate in his region by looking at past data to get information for his crops, since there are no weather report for this area. A skiing lover want to ski in some back country spots and he would love to decide the day when he should go by using this app to look at recent and historical images on that day. We can also increase awareness for global warming and other issues, an example user could use the app and make an animation of how rain forests in Amazon changed over the years.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/darentuzi/Exploring-SpaceTime



  • Daren Tuzi
  • Xiaobi Xu
  • Antti-Jussi Nieminen
  • Johanna Kaipainen
  • Daren Tuzi