The main opportunity the Earthsquare provides is to display various social initiatives all over the Earth on the map of the planet using Foursquare API. Apart from a general map of the planet there is a map showing the level of air pollution, which is designed based on the recent NASA research data. The level of air pollution and friends good works should motivate people to improve biosphere. We are looking forward for you good works on the map of the planet!

This project is solving the AirNow International Transport App (ANITA) challenge.



Earth Square is the program our team has made participating in 48-hour NASA SpaceApps Challenge. Based on the Unity 3D engine (Unity3D, Objective-C and AirNow API), app shows the 3D map of the Earth. In contrast to the general map of the planet, a second map, generated from the recent NASA research data, is showing the level of air pollution. Measured with Air Quality Index, or AQI, the level of air pollution (as well as its harm to human health and the whole biosphere) is shown with color differentiation.

Air pollution map

The main opportunity this program provides is to display various social initiatives all over the Earth on the planet map using Foursquare API. A social initiative stands for any human action which has positive influence upon the ecology. A person who uses Foursquare can map the location where his/her social initiative is being performed onto the 3D Earth map thus sharing basic information about the place and the sort of event. The application users are able to exchange information, observe their friends' social activities in real time and organize joint social initiatives.


We really hope this program to let socially involved people build stronger interaction and inspire the others to take part in more good deeds!

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License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

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  • Sergey Karelin
  • Ilya  Demin
  • Roman Exempliarov
  • Varvara Poletaeva
  • Thomas Leschik
  • Dmitrii Gomazenkov
  • Oleg Demchenko
  • Kseniya Zhavoronok