These days world is facing a problem of energy crisis, over population, pollution, island heating effect and many others challenging environmental issues. Now its time to save our nature, save our home planet earth. Then how can we achieve this? The best approach is to aware the community, teach our children, by informing them about the environmental conditions like rise or fall of temperature and humidity comparing to their nearby locality with the use of sensors kits, mobile and web app.

This project is solving the Cool it! challenge.


This project mainly consists of a sensors systems, android app and web app. The sensor system consists of microcontroller interfaced with two sensors namely temperature and humidity. These sensor system are deployed in different locations of a locality and forms a micro network between each other systems and transmits there current status of temperature and humidity and also location to an centralized android device by SMS (Short Messaging Service) with the help of GSM modem interfaced with the microcontroller. We have used SMS service rather than WiFi or any other communication system because SMS service is more reliable and efficient in developing countries. Android device consists of an application which acts as inter mediator between the sensors system and web application. It functions as reception of raw data from sensors systems with their locations and sends these data to the web server. The android phone user who wants to know about the environmental conditions launch the android app and the app automatically shows the current location and the temperature and humidity condition. On the tab named nearby the real time data fed via sensor systems are loaded with the help of web server and with this data the app compares the temperature and humidity with the current location and inform the user with the GUI(Graphical User Interface) and if these data are high then surrounding it suggest the user for natural cooling process, reduction of emission and notifies the user to warn or aware other peoples. In this way as a whole a community can be informed and apply the precautions. On the other way Researchers, governmental and non- governmental organizations and educational institutes can take a lot of advantage with the raw and real time data and can be used for implementing new thoughts to do something from their respective fields.

Discussion and conclusion: in reality, in case of Nepal people will not accept our system (although we got good position by telling that this project is for community). for implementation plan we thought as. for tarai region(sea side) we place sensor network across country in our relatives with benefit them a light (integrate in 10 watt solar system so they protect our equipment and get status of power ). similarly the sensor are put in hilly region. here we get weather info from tarai region and supply to hilly region. the cost of 1 sensor system is nearly $120.

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License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Susan Baskota
  • Narayan Nepal
  • Dipen Dahal
  • Dharmaraj Rupakheti