Aurora Wearables was created at Space Apps Exeter as a collaboration between artists, fashion designers, technologists, and software developers. This internet-connected spacesuit is designed for astronauts to wear on the International Space Station and beyond. This solution solves the Space Wearables challenge.

This project is solving the Space Wearables: Fashion Designer to Astronauts challenge.


AIM: to design clothing that is: - uniquely useful in its functionality for astronauts working on the ISS - has applications on Earth - looks super cool

We are a team of technologists, artists, fashion designers and software developers designing and making a new outfit for British astronaut (and patron of the Unlimited Space Agency) Tim Peake, who has consulted on the design process. The suit is designed for comfort and practicality in a micro gravity environment and style.

The suit and accessories include integration with social networking platforms to allow the astronauts to be better connected to ground crew, family, friends and followers on Earth and create greater understanding of the work that takes place on the ISS.

Internet connected functionality includes: • a vision board on the suit sleeve that displays live weather status for the wearer's home location • a "wearable hug" - using inflatable material that squeezes the wearers shoulders when the family member on Earth wants to let the astronaut know they're thinking of them • 3D printer in the pocket that delivers tools/parts/gifts direct to the suit (future thinking!)

We also designed and successfully tested a mission patch for people on Earth to wear and connect to Tim's mission to the ISS in 2015. The patch uses an Electric Imp to wirelessly connect to the internet and activates embedded LEDs when the ISS passes over the wearer's location. Both the patch and the vision board (above) can be programmed to receive and respond to other prompts e.g. a specific twitter feed, sports team results, BBC news headlines.

The prototype suit created for this challenge has been made in plain calico material and will ultimately be made in colours of Tim Peake’s choosing (we want “Apollo Mission Silver”!). It has been hand sewn using conductive thread that carries power and data to the embedded devices.

Electronics on the prototype suit were constructed using materials available at the time and would be remade to fit on much smaller circuit boards. Housing for the electronics were either 3D printed or made from wood.

Future development of the suit and accessories is supported by the Unlimited Space Agency with some funding already in place.


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License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

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  • Saskia Warburton
  • Josh Carne
  • Sophie Loman
  • Rich Carne
  • Jon Spooner
  • Layla McCammon
  • Bobby Plows
  • Sadie Moisan
  • Michelle  Moinzadeh
  • Julie Saunders
  • Judith Clark
  • Rupert Johnstone
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