Asteroid Tycoon is a combination turn-based resource gathering and interactive craft control game that uses actual online financial and scientific data sources to drive gameplay. The game models community and market responses to player research, exploration success and financial decisions. Resource gathering is a mini game whose result is included in the community model response. Investing in research unlocks new technology and game features and enables the player to defeat challenging scenarios

This project is solving the Asteroid Prospector challenge.


Asteroid Tycoon is meant to give players insight into both the obvious and subtle challenges involved in asteroid mining, and to highlight the importance of Space science and technology research and development. These objectives are supported by: - A game model that pust the player in control of a corporation: - As a going concern, the company will live longer than many human life spans - This gives the player a perspective on the scale of time involved in Space travel - The time scale, plus some suspension of disbelief, allows for some esoteric scientific discoveries, such as very rapid transit engines that shorten the trip to the asteroids

  • A community sentiment model that responds to:

    • Mission performance; the better the player plays the mini games, the more positive the sentiment.
    • Novelty; if the player just brings back raw commodities, the community will get bored and lose interest. Combining comodities into amalgams has a chance of creating a novel item.
    • Challenge performance; as the player overcomes challenges, the community will become slightly more forgiving of other disappointments. Most challenges can only be attmpted if the player has invested in science research.
  • A market model that responds to:

    • Market perturbation: If the player dumps commodities in the market, the prices will collapse in real time and the player may find it harder to build new ships
    • Scarcity: If the player supplies specific commodoties that are scarce, at a reasonable volume, the market will support new construction
  • A science research model:

    • Based on the current frontiers of Space science and technology
    • A combination of invested dollars, world events and random chance result in specific innovations.
    • Some discoveries open the path to new tech that improves player performance.
    • Without a reasonable investment in science, the player will not be able to attempt the interesting Boss Challenges.
  • Boss Challenges:

    • These are significant game events that have an increasing chance of occuring as game time passes
    • An example is a PHA that becomes an actual hazard in 2145. Unless the player has invented something useful, the event will be managed by Terran defences, and the player's standing in the community will be significantly lowered

Project Information

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Ahmed Abdelkhalek
  • logan beard
  • ki vorndran