The year is 2050. We have managed to perfect asteroid mining & have begun the next "gold rush". Gathering minerals and resources such as iron, magnesium-silicates, carbon, hydrogen & oxygen, taking them back to Earth or using them in space as rocket fuel is a very profitable industry. Aim: Build your corporation through R&D using the profits from your mining efforts and turn it into a thriving business in this booming and competitive industry.

This project is solving the Asteroid Prospector challenge.


This is a tycoon-style strategy game where a player discovers, research and mines various asteroids, bringing the resources back to earth and using the profits to upgrade the infrastructure in his or her corporation (e.g. increasing the load their spaceships can carry in one round trip and so on, upgrading home base, upgrading mining factory). Eventually, a player could earn enough money to set up base on or in orbit of other planets (e.g. Mars) that might be closer to an asteroid belt to optimize their profits.

The player will start by surveying various orbiting asteroids for the chemical composition and decide which asteroid to mine. The player then sends one or more of their spacecraft to an asteroid of choice that is currently being mined to bring the resources back to base.

Our game aims to educate its users about the different asteroids, how abundant different elements are in space, the risk factor associated with mining an asteroid and general stats.

The way we plan to achieve this is by making the game competitive and introducing different aspects about asteroid mining to the user e.g. present and near-future technologies, the significance of asteroid exploration and mining, space exploration and the many dangers associated with asteroid mining.

The game will be created for the Android, iOS and Windows phone platform using Unity3D. It will have a distributed enterprise server to allow the game to be multi player. The server is also responsible for collecting asteroid data off the various web resources provided by NASA and forwarding the asteroid information to the player during the game.

All assets created (music, graphics, 3d models, scripts.) will be free or open source.

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License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

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  • Eleanor Da Fonseca
  • Faizev Hussein
  • Weixiong Cen
  • Boris Feron