The purpose of this web app is to show a more artistic world, where there are chances of finding art even in the smallest things ... or maybe we are small and we still have to understand things about our planet. The idea is to show the public that our planet is more important than we think, we can even find beauty in coincidence and randomness, and create awareness of how important it is our home.

This project is solving the Earth As Art challenge.


My project aims to collect information from the galleries of each of the missions gather artistic images of our planet "ASTER, Aqua ... etc" currently the ASTER gallery is the unique gallery presented, but can see each image and share it in social networks, in addition to filter by category to make search easier.

The site to be made in Twitter Bootstrap and Angular.js (build with Grunt) allows representing it as a website, or if desired, could be packaged as a web app for mobile.

Project Information

License: MIT license (MIT)

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ASTER Web Image Gallery -
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Twitter Bootstrap 3 -
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  • Edgar Rodriguez
  • Richard Armuelles