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    SpaceT: The Handy Smartphone and Wearable Technology For Space Faring Tourists

    Space tourism is building momentum, and soon-to-be-tourists will want to take their smart technology into space to capture the experiences of their space flight. Develop an app to take advantage of the latest generation of wearable smart technology a traveler-of-the-future might wear. Think about categories like memories, navigation, communication, medical, emergency, or fun and games. Bundle together all of the possible applications a space traveler might require for a trip to space.


    Smart phones are everywhere. Space travelers will want to take their smart technology into space with them to capture the experiences and memories of their space flight. This provides an opportunity for dedicated apps to support space travelers in a wearable form. Consider the case where a problem message needs to be sent to a command or logistics center. The Emergency feature of the app can provide essential information to the tourist for certain situations.

    Solution Ideas

    Here are some ways for you to frame this solution:

    The app could have an offline mode for when the user is in a remote location…or space. In the offline mode, the app could provide full access to all of its functions. All data recorded and captured during the flight could be recorded using the smart phone’s internal memory. The phone could be able to access the vehicle’s on-board sensors via an Ethernet connection. For the purposes of this Challenge, it can be considered that a wifi connection could be available. Suggested functions include: attitude detections using the phone’s built in gyro function, ‘where-am-I’ feature (navigation), space debris alerts, user manuals, orbital position tagging of photos, ‘which-way-is-down’ feature for zero-gee situations. Interface with other wearable smart technology for measurements of body functions, and to provide alerts and notifications without needing to physically view the smartphone screen.

    Sample Resources

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Space Shuttle Guide

      This project is testing the practicality of designing a format to be used wearable device, in this case a phone, to coordinate all the reams of paper generated on a space mission. I created a Wearable Phone App called the Space Shuttle Guide Manual whose mission is to document lights, switches, a... Visit Project

    • Ember

      An Android App that will utilize QR Codes to help keep space tourist track of their equipment, shuttle, and environment. The app uses QR codes, each of which is unique to the special equipment, to make sure the tourist has everything he or she needs on themselves. Furthermore, this app tracks the... Visit Project

    • Astro

      "Astro" is a space travel sharing platform that connects Voyageurs and Voyeurs. Astro is: 1. Democratic: enables everyone, regardless of status, to interact with and be inspired by space travellers in real-time 2. Seamless: it leverages connected devices, sensors and cams to make sharing easy... Visit Project

    • Spacecoatl

      Create a mobile app for Android that would help space tourists to easy access what they need on their journey. Visit Project

    • Enterprise SSB

      We aim to build a safety feature for space suits to help astronauts (especially inexperienced ones) to recover from an out of control spiral from the international space station. Through wearable technology, we can record the instinctive balancing gestures and translate them into the appropria... Visit Project


      Ever thought your smartphone would take you to Space? “Spacecraft Mode” is an App that instead of disabling your phone’s capabilities like Airplane Mode, takes the most out of it to bring you closer to space, here on Earth and up in Space. It was conceived to: *Take the most out of t... Visit Project

    • Astro Platform

      The project is an open source cloud platform that allows astronauts, pilots and space tourists to send data to Earth and NASA. This is accomplished by synchronizing the data with the cloud servers. The platform can be easily integrated with different wearable devices to send live data. We have al... Visit Project

    • Zero G

      Android app for mobile and Android Wear devices. Visit Project

    • Sleep Wear

      The reactive biometric suit's color fluxuates to indicate the human’s activity level and vital signatures. - The suit becomes a visual indicator of person’swell being. Crew members can quickly identify body stress indications in others without having to monitor dashboards behind a computer sc... Visit Project

    • SUIT(Space Utility Interactive Tool)

      We aim that as our App becomes functional, more and more people get to know more about Space Tourism, as well as current missions in Space through our interactive features such as the Virtual Tour of the Solar system which will help them understand the aspects of our Solar system. Some of our ... Visit Project

    • BioMU - Bio Monitoring Undergarment

      Using Arduino microcontrollers linked to various sensors, develop a monitoring system with caution and warning capability for astronauts working in shirt-sleeve environment or as a basic layer under their space suit. Sensors used: - Pulse - Oxygen in blood - Body temperature - Blood pres... Visit Project

    • Galaxico

      **Galaxico** takes tomorrow’s tidal wave of computing, the wearable device revolution, into space and beyond. It allows you to turn the incredible experience of space travel to a fully immersive educational experience where you no longer observe space, but learn and interact with it. The app i... Visit Project

    • ISS Photo Tagger & Gallery

      Our application aims to help astronauts easily identify and capture locations on Earth and for people on Earth to view content and interact with data. Astronauts aboard ISS can use the app to take photos and easily identify what location exists in the photo by tagging each photo to the default... Visit Project

    • Emotional Health Tracker

      Emotional Health - Spaces Apps Plan Goal: The purpose of this project to create a system that sits on the user’s person in an unobtrusive manner (similar to Google Glass) and monitors his or her emotional health based on facial and pupil analysis. Deliverables: - functional emotion a... Visit Project

    • SnapSpace

      An journal for recording a space flight. Using wareable technologies to record personal stats and photographs through out the trip and provide a jounal at the end to help the astronaut and their friends look back on their trip. Visit Project

    • Insight

      Imagine yourself choosing your vacation destination to be space. It’s a pretty big concept that is quickly becoming feasible. We have already had civilians go to space, sent a tweet from space, and even filmed a music video in the ISS. You too will have those opportunities in the near future. Wit... Visit Project

    • Photo Gallery

      Our application aims to help astronauts easily identify and capture locations on Earth and for people on Earth to view content and interact with data. Astronauts aboard ISS can use the app to take photos and easily identify what location exists in the photo by tagging each photo to the default... Visit Project

    • Next Vision (Space Helmet)

      Our technology will allow the Space Tourists to have a truly **out-of-the world experience**. The HUD is a non intrusive method to display Oxygen levels, heart rate and other information for the astronaut. This will be achieved on the left, where on the right there is a live chat with other astro... Visit Project

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