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2014 Challenge

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    Challenge Description

    Create an app that locates publically available Space Station images of Earth and presents them on a 2- or 3-dimensional map. Viewers can comment, vote, download, and share the images. One of the cameras onboard is the iSERV – short for International Space Station SERVIR Environmental Research and Visualization System. ISERV's primary targets are areas threatened by or already experiencing floods, landslides, forest fires, earthquakes, or other disasters. Currently, over 1100 geo-referenced ISERV images are available through the Global Hydrology Resource Center (GHRC) Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAAC). Other images are available that have been taken of Earth by astronauts onboard Station. All are accessible and usable.


    The International Space Station, circling the Earth once every 93 minutes, offers a unique observing platform with nearly 95 percent of the Earth’s populated area visible from the space station orbit. Six crew members, representing the 15 partner nations, live and work onboard Station for six months at a time. Taking images of Earth is one of their favorite jobs and hobbies. ISERV complements the human touch. ISERV images are currently available via the Global Hydrology Resource Center (one of NASA’s Distributed Active Archive Centers located in Huntsville, AL). The images are geo-referenced and in zip format, which include JPG and JGW files.

    Solution Ideas

    Here are some ways for you to frame this solution:

    Create a web or mobile app that lets people locate and view astronaut and ISERV imagery on a 2D/3D global map with viewable image metadata, such as date and time of acquisition, location (lat/long), etc. Users can choose a set of images they want to display, group images of specific places (a single country, continent, or phenomena; features like watersheds, coastlines, or deserts; or time sequences of a single location). Allow users to comment, nominate and vote for their favorite images; and print, download, and share images via social networking sites. One option could allow users to view favorite images of the week or month.

    Sample Resources

  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Your World from Space

      This app shows images of the world those those can be liked and shared. The most liked image gets selected as week of the image. Visit Project

    • Space Photos

      The infrastructure created is able to server not only pictures that are mined through the ISERV FTP Server, but any image that has Mercator coordinates tagged as well. The web service supports searches in order to get specific content, but consumers of the data can get a complete dump of the s... Visit Project

    • Earth Spy

      ## Goal Make it easier for people on Earth to see pictures from space showing certain area. ## Explanation Since the photos from the space station only have information about latitude and longitude, we want our users to help provide more data. When more users submit responses, the data s... Visit Project


      ePicEarth purports to show work in the space stations. Encourage the participation of users and distribution of content through social networking. The solution is composed of a mobile application and a web platform. In the mobile application users may comment on photos, rate, download, share or... Visit Project

    • Space Break

      The SpaceApps Challenge is a 48 hours mission. We had to launch, run and conclude a project, answering a NASA issue. It is a worldwide project, organized in 40 cities to create the new future with the Internet. Our project is a web application, SpaceBreak, which shares the pictures taken from ... Visit Project

    • SpaceEyes

      This project aims to display Space Station images of Earth on a 2D map. Pictures have been downloaded from a Nasa ftp site and are showed by a marker on the map. Each of the pictures have a .JGW and a .JPEG.AUX.XML file that have geographical information in order to place the image correctly. A ... Visit Project

    • Quiero ser explorador de la tierra

      Juego de sabiduría que muestra imágenes satelitales de distintos lugares de la tierra, donde el usuario tiene que ingresar la ubicación de éstas. Visit Project

    • Space from Home

      ##Space From Home ####Use Case and data processing The user gets to the landing page where they are greeted with copy by the cosmic kids (Cosmic Carl and Cosmic Candice). The user is prompted to ask any space question they have by either typing into the text box or speaking into the mic. If... Visit Project

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