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    Our mobile app, aquaping, attends the need for consulting, providing, and sharing information about contaminated water sources at a specific location both among individual users and interested organizations. We take a crowdsourcing approach, where anyone with a smartphone can submit reports by answering specific questions, taking a picture, and specifying the location. After processing the answers, advice regarding safe water usage is provided.

    This project is solving the Predicting Water Contamination challenge.


    The project aquaping aims to deliver a mobile solution that increases the population participation by allowing the user to report water bodies in risk of contamination by different sources, so that surrounding communities become aware of the situation and take the proper measures.
Depending on the priority of the contaminated location (and how many people are affected by it), experts or authorities may perform the appropriate tests and submit the reports accordingly, so that eventually it will be taken care of.

    Users may also access the status of registered water bodies, and so that the status of the water source is presented in a simple manner, the following is presented, using simple icons:
- Is it safe for drinking?
- Is it safe for drinking after boiling?
- Is it safe for drinking after filtering?
- Is it safe for swimming in it?
- Is it safe for animals to drink?
- Is it safe for doing the dishes?
- Is it safe for washing clothes?

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